Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon of November 28th 2012 On a Spiritual Level

The full moon lunar eclipse will have a profound effect upon a lot of people, especially those who are spiritually attuned.

Are you in line with spirit?  Then your life is finding balance.  Remember that we are made stronger by our hardships so for you this is a time of celebration for all that you have had to endure.

Look at the part of your life where you have felt lack.   This is where you will see the greatest change for the better taking place.

Karma is writing you a big fat check for all that you are due.  This is your time to shine because fate is definitely smiling your way.  This will be felt more in the departments of beauty and abundance.

Stand up and give yourself a big pat on the back because you deserve it for all the hard work that you have put in on yourself and others.  Karma is moving you forward with warp speed.  The doors of unlimited possibilities are opening up for you now.

For others there is still good news for we are all dealing with transformational energy with this lunar eclipse.

If you have been feeling particularly stuck in your life these changes can be quite drastic, as if the snow globe has been turned upside down.  The balance you seek is on an emotional level.

Creativity will strike you and move you in the directions of optimism and generosity.  You will be trying new things to fill the inner child that cries out.  This is all for your benefit, moving you to a better place on your spiritual path.  It is best to give in to new thought patterns and try something out of the ordinary.

Those resisting the prompts from the universe to change will find this lunar eclipse a most difficult one.  Sometimes transformation is laid at our feet so much so that we literally trip over it.

Here is to going with the flow and enjoying what Karma has in store for us.